Fresh Kuhlbarra Barramundi Boneless Skin On Portion (200gm)


Kuhlbarra is Wild Ocean Farmed Barramundi, produced in Australia and reared off the coast of Singapore.  The producers are fanatical about the quality of the water in and around their farm. The farm is purposefully located in ocean enclosures in strong currents which keep clean, oxygen-rich waters flowing through them.

To ensure the ongoing quality of the farm waters, they are independently sampled and tested every 10 minutes by the Danish Hydrological Institute, a trusted advisor to the Government of Singapore.

In addition to it's clean waters, you can rest assured that NO growth enhancers are used to encourage the growth of the barramundi. Kuhlbarra believe that the best way to grow robust, healthy fish is to simply feed them high-quality food and let them swim in a clean, natural environment.