Are your products fresh or defrosted from frozen?

None of our products are ever defrosted from frozen. Our fresh products have never been frozen and can be frozen for 6-12 months. We will never sell defrosted products.

Our wild white fish from NZ and our Australian Shark Bay wild prawns are snap frozen at the source to keep them as fresh as possible – we keep these products frozen.

What is a Rib-Eye Steak?

Rib eye steak is the same as a Scotch Fillet Steak. As its name suggests, it is from the rib section of the cow.

What is an Eye Fillet Steak?

The eye fillet is also known as tenderloin steak and sometimes referred to as the lady’s cut’ as there is very little fat on it. The eye fillet / tenderloin sits beneath the rib of the cow.


Can I change or cancel the items I have ordered?

Once your transaction is completed and payment is made, your order cannot be changed or cancelled. However if you call us within 1 hour of placing the incorrect order, we will endeavour to help make the changes.

Can I return a product I have ordered online or bought in-store?

Unless an item has been delivered in a damaged condition and rejected upon delivery we cannot take it back. Products that are delivered in good condition and have been accepted upon delivery cannot be returned as product safety may have been compromised due a break in the cold chain and cannot be resold;. Damaged products will be replaced or refunded within the next working day where possible.

What if one of my products has gone off?

We are meticulous about the the quality and freshness of our products, however if you are at all unhappy with a product upon opening it, please contact us immediately.

We cannot refund or replace a product that has been purchased from us / reported to be spoiled if it is more than 3 days since the purchase of the product.

It is important to store your products correctly either refrigerating or freezing where applicable. If purchasing from the shop, please always ensure you are given ice to go in your bag.

What do I do if an item is missing from my order?

Our driver is trained to check every item off with the recipient at the time of delivery. In the event that something has been missed, please let us know immediately. Missing items must be advised within 2 hours of receiving your order. If an item is found to be missing from your order, or you have received the wrong product, we will do our best to deliver it as soon as possible or will provide you with a refund.

Who can I contact if I want further information on my online purchases?

Please call us on +65 6464 8384 or whatsapp on +65 880 90938 during opening hours or email us at

What Payments do you accept in your online store?

We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard & American Express. You do not need to have a Paypal account to use credit cards, however we do use Paypal to facilitate the payments.

I do not want to pay for my product online, will you accept cash on delivery?

Due to past unfortunate experiences we are unable to accept cash on delivery for any order. If you do not wish to pay via the online portal, you can send your order via email and make a direct deposit into our bank account. Once we have received the funds we will arrange delivery of your order.

Can I give you my credit card details over the phone?

Unfortunately, our credit card facility is not enabled to take payments over the phone.